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As an educator I focus on contemporary dance technique and composition. I have a specialized interest in Integrated Dance and creating access to training and choreographic content for a diversity of participants. I have over a decade of experience in teaching all levels of contemporary technique classes at the University of Washington and beyond that company classes and workshops in various formats. From 2009-2013 I organized and ran the Integrated Dance Summer Intensive in Seattle.

Researching and writing Find your own pace and move together, The Application of Universal Design of Instruction in Dance Degrees in Higher Education,  challenged me to rethink my own teaching conventions and served as a blue print to develop further material and processes. Written in 2010 the article presents my approach up to this point. The collection of material has grown since then, as each new teaching environment and presentation provides opportunities to apply and develop these approaches further. Download article as pdf



the rite of spring stage version



Workshop series with Caroline Bowditch for:

Dundee Dance Partnership in association with Scottish Dance Theatre
Ballet Cymru in Newport, class, workshop and dis-course session.
Young Ignite, training program for young disabled artists, Gdance, UK



Integrated Dance Summer Intensive 2013
Annual one week intensive with community dancers, students, artists, educators and scholars working in the field of dance and disability.

Focus Points: Accessible training class, guest presentations, Jürg Koch's The Rite of Spring sections, selected repertory from the Chamber Dance Company.
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Integrated Dance Summer Intensive 2013

Focus Points: Accessible training class, round table and guest presentations, integrating descriptions and aesthetics of access. Guest workshop with Chamber Dance Company (UW Seattle) with repertory works, including Jean Erdman's Creature on a Journey and Helen Tamiris' Negro Spirituals.
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