integrated dance summer intensive 2012

The 2012 intensive featured daily technique classes, developing individual movement phrases through tasks. The dancers first developed their own phrase, working with movement actions (curve, reach, twist, balance) and finding resolving material for each of them. With a partner they worked on a drop and join score.

The score perception/perspectives was first developed during the arts and inclusion residency at ucirvine, june 2012. It is a collection of variations on a scene developed through descriptions, soundscores and texts. One version here has simultaneous text layered, while the other is performed without words. The dancers state where they are in space, also revealing facing, orientation and direction. At other times they tell stories and describe what they do.

The dancers improvise and set their material of a pattern crossing a 5x5 meter square. For this version filmed in a simple workshop set up. I cut in relay style between three different casts with disabled and non-disabled performers, including two wheelchair users.

In a guest workshop with dancers from the Chamber Dance Company (UW Seattle) the participants learnt and interpreted excperpts from the 2012 repertory, including Jean Erdman's Creature on a Journey and Helen Tamiris' Negro Spirituals. Chamber Dance Company presents each year a concert with restaged and recreated works from the 20th Century under the direction of Hannah Wiley. Through tasks we examined different concept of restaging existing dances and explored how the identity of the dancer intersects with the identity of the work.

Negro Spirituals (Helen Tamiris)
Dancer: Angela Larson

Negro Spirituals (Helen Tamiris)
Dancers: Kari Cunningham-Røsvik, Jay Lowman

Creature on a Journey (Jean Erdman)
Dancers: Yulia Arakelyan, Carolina Caballero, Rachel Ferguson

Round Table
Guest sessions included a series of presentations. Carolina Caballero presented Off, a six minute duet followed by a workshop with Karen Daly and Kenji Ota. In additon Carolina Caballero also presented an introduction to integrated dance in Columbia.
Yulia Arakelyan and Erik Ferguson from Wobbly Dance presented an introduction and workshop to their research process for their current production Underneath.
Jürg Koch presented a short lecture, followed by a discussion about the relationship between modernism, found objects, dance, disability and communtity dance. 

Five Day Intensive Participants: Kari Cunningham-Røsvik, Karen Daly, Angela Larson, Jay Lowman, Maria Vaughn 
Intern: Rachel Ferguson
Round Table Participants: Yulia Arakelyan, Carolina Caballero, Erik Ferguson,