off / set for Karin Stevens Dance

Being “off set” as the choreographer, working long-distance between Seattle and Switzerland with the cast from Karin Stevens Dance, demanded a different rehearsal process. Tasks to generate and set material, written instructions, diagrams, online video clips, and skype sessions, became essential to this process. How would you dance the diagrams below?

Working with Sam Boshnack’s sumptuous composition I was interested in drawing out the five dancers’ idiosyncrasies while also composing them into an ensemble. The compositional aspects of ostinato and cadenzas, being “set” and “going off”, also motivated me to work with the contrast between analytically set and intuitive structures.

Performances are coming up this week end
October 3 & 4, 8pm at Velocity Dance Center in Seattle.
Tickets are available at: Brown Paper Tickets

score elements for  off/set

score elements for off/set

Off Set.jpg