The Printer’s Tray (2008)

Performance and choreography: Jürg Koch

1. Movement: Canons for Two Arms
Music: Forbidden Planet: Once Around Altair by Louis and Bebe Barron
2. Movement: Simultaneous and Successive Accumulation
Music: Adolf Scheibe's Scathing Views On Bach, Jeremy Siepmann
3. Movement: Arm/Leg Translations, Tempo Variations
Music: Trio Sonata for 2 Flutes and Continuo in G Minor, Op.2, No.6, HWV 391: 1. Andante – Allegro, Georg Friedrich Händel

Light: Meg Fox
Solo (new and reworked sections)
Duration: 8.40
Image: Colleen Dishy

Men in Dance
Broadway Performance Hall, Seattle, USA, October 2008

The Printer's Tray is an ongoing project developing a collection of short pieces exploring specific choreographic ideas. The pieces continue to be works in progress, include changes in costume, sound and movement and can be performed in any order. Other versions in this series include: Single Suite No1, Rapids to Tides, Inperrfect States: 5 Miniatures set for The Printer's Tray (05).