rite of spring (2013)
video collage 

This video collage was specifically created as a contribution to the Festival International de Vidéo Danse de Bourgogne.

The festival made an international call for contributions for their The Rite of Spring Video Dance Collage Project /Projet de collage vidéo danse Le Sacre du Printemps. Each contributor was assigned a segment of the work and was provided with the music. The curators of the projects chose an orchestral version of the music, which was superimposed on our version.

Ken Camper, Brie Chun, Serena Derenleau, Arthur Derenleau, Rachel Blaze Ferguson, James Fesalbon, Evan Foster, Nancy Goldov, Pamela A. Gregory, Kristin Hapke, Lorraine Lau, Traci Mazzoncini, Mattisonthemove, Fumi Murikami, Austin Nguyen, Sean O’Bryan, Annalisa Peterson, Kaylyn Ready, Fausto Rivera, Linda Townsend West, Hendri Walujo, Dylan Ward, David West, Julian Young

Photography/Editing: Jeff Curtis

Camera: Jeff Curtis, Matt Jorgensen, John Mellon

Additional collaborators:
Performed and filmed at Meany Theater at the University of Washington, Seattle. Collaboration between the Dance Program, School of Drama and School of Music.
Artistic Director FDC : Betsy Cooper
Costume Design: Sarah Nash Gates
Lighting : Peter Bracilano