rite of spring (2013)
stage performance excerpts 

"A haunting quality was prominent in the choreography, especially as repetition was used to tell the story of tradition, development, progress, denial, conflict, and finally acceptance. Fantastic lighting design by Peter Bracilano and costumes by Sarah Nash Gates enriched the minimal set. Especially worth mentioning was the final, climactic section that consumed death in new life, dancers moved forward while looking back at what was lost. " Irene E. Beausoleil, SeattleDances

"Given its themes of regeneration, Koch knew he wanted his piece to be intergenerational. His cast of 24 dancers includes grade school children, UW students and recent alumni, professional dancers, and community members, including some past retirement age. Koch has tasked the students and professional dancers with mentoring the less experienced dancers, particularly the children, resulting in some wonderful pairings.

As the dance begins, all 24 dancers press together on stage, then slowly dissipate into smaller groups, revealing connections and fissures. Several sections of the dance capture family interactions; one family features a traditional male/female couple, but others feature two men, two women, or a single parent. “They all represent family,” says Koch. By the end of the dance, all 24 dancers are on stage again, moving to the “musically complex, relentless” conclusion of Stravinsky’s score." Nancy Joseph, UW Perspectives

Cast: Ken Camper, Brie Chun, Serena Derenleau, Arthur Derenleau, Rachel Blaze Ferguson, James Fesalbon, Evan Foster, Nancy Goldov, Pamela A. Gregory, Kristin Hapke, Lorraine Lau, Traci Mazzoncini, Mattisonthemove, Fumi Murikami, Austin Nguyen, Sean O’Bryan, Annalisa Peterson, Kaylyn Ready, Fausto Rivera, Linda Townsend West, Hendri Walujo, Dylan Ward, David West, Julian Young

Artistic Director FDC: Betsy Cooper
Costume Design: Sarah Nash Gates
Lighting: Peter Bracilano
Photography/Editing/Montage: Jeff Curtis

Performed and filmed at the Meany Theater, University of Washington, Seattle, January, 2013.