interventions (2016)

Fribourg/Freiburg 7.4.

Genève 14.4.

Lugano 30.4.

Zürich 9.4.

Bern/Berne 23.4.

Bern May 2015

Community project by BewegGrund in collaboration with and in the context of Migros-Kulturprozent Tanzfestival Steps 2016. Working with a number of local partner organisations and volunteers the interventions took place in five Swiss cities where Candoco Dance Company (UK) were performing at the time.

This event was initially conceived in this format for the  9. Community Arts Festival, 2015 in Bern. It is inspired by the Frozen Central Station, Improv Everywhere, New York 2008.

Concept and Organisation: Jürg Koch und Susanne Schneider
Video: edprojects

In collaboration with and in the context of: