From Here  (2014)

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Creating overlapping layers between movement, spoken text and ASL, From Here is inspired by the principles of Universal Design and the aesthetics of access as practiced by disability theater companies such as  Graeae Theatre CompanyThe aim for From Here was to create multi sensory access to the content and the aesthetic experience of this dance piece for a diverse audience.

Cast: Siena Dumas Ang, Sara Bard, Hailey Burt, Elise Butterfield, Randy Ford, Imana Gunawan, Gracia Imboden, Laura Martinez, Michael O’Neal Jr. Rebecca Smith, Jasmine Wright

ASL interpreter/performer: Andrew Scudder

Collaborative composition, technology & text: Doug Niemela, Dylan Ward and Jürg Koch with text elements derived from the dancers
Costumes: The dancers with Jürg Koch
Lighting: Amiya Brown
Video: Jeff Curtis

Choreographers Note: 
The piece integrates descriptions and ASL interpretation/performance. The description shifts between different layers, from naming movement elements to providing associative interpretations. American Sign Language (ASL) is used in a hybrid form, shifting between interpreting and performing the audio text. In experimenting with interpretation, description and performance we hope to discover more about the rich potential the overlap of these forms have for artistic process and performance.