Five 4 Now  (2010)

"The restaging of Five 4 Now by Jürg Koch, is an energetic quintet set to the beautiful singing of Monteverdi’s “Mentre vaga Angioletta.” At times perfectly matching the flowing harmonies of the music and at others exactly juxtaposing them with sharp quick movements, Koch’s choreography is a treat to watch. The piece accentuates individual dancers’ phrases by embedding them in closely knit ensemble work. The dancers, all demonstrated a lovely sense of fluidity as they easily transitioned from whirlwind partnering to precise group work."

Mariko Nagashima, seattle dances

Cast: Alethea Alexander*, Cheryl Delostrinos*, Liz Hutchinson, I-Chuan Hsiao, Erin Johnson*, Margaret Jones*, Fausto Rivera (* double cast)

Music: Mentre vaga Angioletta, Claudio Monteverdi
Lighting Design: Peter Bracilano
Costumes: Jürg Koch and the dancers
Duration: 11.00 min

Meany Studio Theater, Seattle, USA, December 2010

This restaged version of the 2004 work was set on student from the University of Washington Dance Program for the annual Faculty Dance Concert.