ab: from|to (2009)

“…the well-crafted blend of choreography, sound and video work in Jurg Koch | Lyn Goeringer’s ab: from / to….with an analytic observation; emotional situations seen from the lens of a scientific behavioral study."
Kate Ratcliffe, On the Boards, blog, June 16, 2009

"The live trio performing in Jürg Koch's ab:from/to at the Studio Theater Showcase this past weekend were fabulous movers."
Sandra Kurtz June 16, 2009, Seattle Weekly

"Koch, a UW dance professor, has created a multimedia work featuring videos of a large dance crew performing onsite at some sort of industrial complex, with a trio of extremely talented performers..."
Jeremy M Barker June 15, 2009, Seattlest

In collaboration with Lyn Goeringer
Video/sound/new media: Lyn Goeringer
Light: Lara Wilder
Stage cast: Joseph Anderson, Alia Swersky, Jürg Koch
Video cast: Beth Graczyk, Kristin Hapke, Gregg Harbaugh, Danny Herter, Aiko Kinoshita, Kathryn Padberg, Aaron Swartzman, Matt Smith

Performance video: Thom Heileson
Trio and group piece
Duration: 20.00 min
Images: Jojo Corväiá
blog link
Northwest New Works
On the Boards, Seattle, USA, June 2009

Created with support from: Allied Arts Foundation, UW Dance Program, Peter Bracilano, Alex Danilchick, Brown University Music Department, On the Boards, Beth Graczyk, Mark Haim, Mark Zappone, Giorgia Aiello, Yulia Arakelyan, Jeannette Bigler, Phil Bereano, Courtney Clouse, JoJo Corväiá, Kristie DeVadder, Crispin Faber, Dominique Gabella, Anne Green Gilbert, Thomas Greer, Tim Summers, Carol Young